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Cade Prophet Memorial Productions

On May 29, 2017 the world lost a remarkable young man. In a tragic accident at Palouse Falls State park, Cade Prophet's life was cut short.  

It was important to us,  his family, that we continue to do good things in his memory, keeping his name alive. While Cade was with us on this earth, he helped many people, in many ways.  Cade was one of those people who could always find the good in people and situations. His cheerful nature was complimented by his quick wit.  He was a gifted innovator. He had a passion for electronics and cats.


As his mother I needed to stay busy in an attempt to keep my grief manageable, I needed to "do" something. So Cade Prophet Memorial Productions was conceived. We would do a show and donate the proceeds to the Panhandle Animal Shelter in Cade's honor. The first show, PS Your Cat is Dead, was a success and we were able to donate $2000.00.  We have just kept going. 


We want to encourage people who knew Cade or those who have only heard of him since his death, to look for ways to pay it forward everyday, We can help turn the tide. We can find and celebrate the good, encourage the positive and be kind. 


Our logo was created by Cade's best friend, Lindsay Cook. She has captured his whimsical nature and we are grateful. 

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